Seminar with Ukrainas Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Andriy Pyvovarskiy

Sep 18, 2015 Sweden

On September 18, the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Andriy Pyvovarskiy, will visit Stockholm. During the seminar, that is hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Minister Pyvovarskiy will talk about reforms and business opportunities in the Ukrainian infrastructure sector. Amongst the speakers the State Secretary, Oscar Stenström, Ambassador Ihor Sagach and representatives from three companies: Ulf Pehrsson – Vice President at Ericsson, Jens Bruno – CEO of Across and Magnus Rystedt – CEO of NEFCO, will talk about their business and business experience in Ukraine.

Date: Friday September 18, 13.30-16.15

Venue: Stockholm

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