Meeting summary

The Annual Meeting of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Russia & CIS was held on April 14 at Jernkontoret in Stockholm.

The seminar following the meeting was well attended, with approx. 120 participants – from companies, organizations, authorities and embassies – listening to the Swedish Ambassadors to the Russian Federation – H.E. Mr Tomas Bertelman -, to Ukraine – H.E. Mr Stefan Gullgren – , and to the Republic of Belarus – H. E. Mr Stefan Eriksson – commenting upon the political and economical situation in each country.

Two company representatives – Michail Urzhumtsev, CEO of MFG Melon Fashion Group, and Robert Karlsson, CEO of Shelton Petroleum – shared their experience of establishing and running companies in Russia and Ukraine.
The seminar was followed by lunch and mingle.

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