Meeting summary

Annual General Meeting & Seminar, May 5, 2017

We were happy to welcome over 100 participants and distinguished guest-speakers from different business areas and regions. Heinz Sjögren, welcomed, together with Ragnar Gustavii the audience to the seminar by giving the EY’s view on Russia & CIS. Martin Hagström Ambassador, took over by providing an overview of the current situation, recent developments and discussed the revolution of dignity in Ukraine. Erik Skoglund, continued by presenting the results from the 2017 Fraud Survey, which partly concluded that young and elder population is more likely to engage in corruption. Per Magnusson, from Magnusson Law presented the various business tendencies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Henning Stenhammar, continued with a presentation about Avitos’s latest developments and disclosed that 42% of the sold cars in Russia in 2016 were sold through Avito. Otar Antia gave an overview of the investment opportunities in Georgia and provided the audience with a breadth of information regarding the various investment areas. Lars Ingelstam, concluded the official seminar programme, by presenting the study report about the Swedish-Russian civil cooperation, which he wrote a book about.